Health plastics and health

Plastics pose threat to human health

Authoritative report shows plastic, microplastics are pervasive sources of exposure to dangerous endocrine-disrupting chemicals Plastics contain and leach hazardous chemicals, including endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that threaten human health. An authoritative new report, Plastics, EDCs, & Health, from the Endocrine Society and the IPEN (International Pollutants Elimination Network), presents a summary of international research on the…

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Waste plastic pollution

Clean up efforts won’t solve the plastic pollution crisis in the world’s seas

by Isabella Backman (Mongabay • A model simulating a device touted to clear plastic from the “Great Pacific garbage patch” shows that it would collect much less than 1 percent of the ocean’s plastic pollution by 2150.• The study was the first to quantify the device’s ability to remove marine debris.• A more comprehensive…

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