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Coronavirus outbreak highlights threats to ecosystems and wildlife

Diseases passed from animals to humans are on the rise, as the world continues to see unprecedented destruction of wild habitats by human activity. Scientists suggest that degraded habitats may encourage more rapid evolutionary processes and diversification of diseases, as pathogens spread easily to livestock and humans. The World Health Organization reports that an animal…

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Environment Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2020

On Saturday, 28 March at 8:30 p.m. local time, Earth Hour, one of the largest global grassroots movements for the environment, will bring people together around the world to show their commitment to the planet. With global biodiversity declining at an unprecedented and alarming rate, up to one million species threatened with extinction and the…

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Water World Water Day 2020 - Water Can Help Fight Climate Change

World Water Day 2020

World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water. This year’s theme, ‘Water and Climate Change’, explores how water and climate change are inextricably linked. The idea for this international day goes back to 1992, the year in which the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development…

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Air toxic air image

Toxic Air: The Price of Fossil Fuel

by: Greenpeace   A new report by Greenpeace reveals the cost of air pollution from fossil fuels and highlights solutions that can protect our health and benefit our communities. Air pollution generated from burning fossil fuels is attributed to approximately 4.5 million premature deaths worldwide every year, the report shows. Air pollution increases the incidence of…

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Health future for world's children

World failing to provide children with a healthy life and a climate for their future

As climate and commercial threats intensify, WHO-UNICEF-Lancet Commission presses for radical rethink on child health   No single country is adequately protecting children’s health, their environment and their futures, finds a landmark report released today by a Commission of over 40 child and adolescent health experts from around the world. The Commission was convened by…

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